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Anastasia & George Andrzejewski

George’s Toy Chest, run by the father-daughter team of George and Anastasia Andrzejewski, buys and sells unique collectible and antique items. We are your online source for vintage and antique toys and vintage collectibles. We conduct most of our sales on ebay, where we have an excellent feedback record and we have attained the coveted Top Seller Ranking.

What we sell

While George’s Toy Chest started out in specializing in antique and vintage toys we are by no means limited to toys. We appreciate the history and nostalgia in all sorts of collectible items.

  • vintage toys including: Fisher Price, Marx, die-cast & pressed steel toys (cars & trucks–-including TootsieToy, Tonka, Corgi); board games, video & arcade games, action figures (including Star Wars), dolls, stuffed animals, and more
  • toy soldiers (Dimestores, Britains, Barclay, Manoil, Grey Iron and more)
  • advertising signs & other items (including for beer and alcohol
  • ephemera
  • tins & wooden crates
  • books
  • cocktail stirrers/swizzle sticks
  • tobacciana & ashtrays including matchbooks & matchboxes (including some front-strike)
  • Edison cylinders
  • decorative ware pieces (ruby glass, collector’s plates, carnival glass, glassware, vases, bowls, Nippon, salt & pepper shakers, dishes, pitchers, figurines & small statues) many of which were made in Japan, Occupied Japan, Germany, West Germany, Occupied Zone, etc.
  • Broadway and movie memorabilia
  • back issues of newspapers and magazines and comic books
  • airline & transportation collectibles
  • American’s Bicentennial memorabilia
  • piggy banks/savings banks
  • vintage & antique glass bottles
  • CD’s & Records (vinyl, 45′s, 78′s etc.)
  • retro and vintage clothing & accessories (dresses, coats, shirts, hats, purses, jewelry, watches, etc.)
  • clown figurines, dolls and more
  • Coca-Cola collectibles
  • Disneyana (Disneyworld, Disneyland, and other Disney products like films)
  • Theme park collectibles (including Disney)
  • DVD’s
  • fast food promos (McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and more)
  • vintage holiday decorations (especially Christmas)
  • model kits
  • US military recruitment collectibles
  • Pez dispensers
  • pharmaceutical collectibles
  • antique & vintage photos (cartes de visite, cabinet cards, stereopticon & stereoview cards, and other photographs)
  • railroad memorabilia
  • sheet music & song books (including the Magnus Electric Chord Organ)
  • vintage travel souvenirs
  • retro kitchenware
  • World’s Fair & World Expo memorabilia
  • …and much, much more

How we can help you

We can help you in two ways. First, in our store, we might just have that hard-to-find item for your collection or a fun, nostalgic gift that your recipient will remember for a long time to come. Second, if you have items cluttering up your home, we can help you sell them.

Perhaps you are planning a move, or just inherited the estate of a loved one, or maybe are just looking to streamline your life and living space. For whatever reason, if you have items to sell and are in New York City’s metropolitan area, we can help you. Collectors are looking for all types of items from all different time periods. Don’t just assume that your “stuff” isn’t a collectible, or isn’t old enough, or doesn’t have significant value. You’d be surprised at what people are looking for and what they are willing to pay for the treasures they find! Contact us now for a free and no obligation consultation!

Our expertise

Anastasia and George Andrzejewski are committed to always building their knowledge bank because we are fascinated by antiques and collectibles and also so that we can keep abreast of changes and new developments in field so that we can best serve our customers.

First, we are both life-long collectors (George has an extensive toy soldier and stamp collector and Anastasia has a large Smurf collection), students of history, and appreciators of old stuff.

We are subscribers and readers of valuable information from many sources including: Antique Trader, WorthPoint Insider Newsletter, Antique Week, The Journal of Antiques and CollectiblesOld Toy Soldier: The Journal for Collectors and Linn’s Stamp News.

We also attend conferences to learn new information and skills and network with others in the online sellers’ community and the world of antiques. Some of the classes and seminars we’ve attended include:

  • Maximize Your Business for Mobile Commerce by Chuck Pletcher (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Introduction to Social media for Your eBay Business with Andy Chase, Jen Wehrmaker & John Bodine  (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Legal & Tax Aspects of Your Business on eBay with Cliff Ennico  (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Optimize and Market Your eBay Store with Danna Crawford  (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Answers to the Most Common eBay Business Questions with Cliff Ennico  (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Innovative Seller Secrets with Jim “Griff” Griffith  (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies with Robert Charwani  (eBay: On Location, Philadelphia, September 2012)
  • Rebelling Your Way to the Top on eBay with Jim Cockrum (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • The Art and Science of User Experience (and How It Can Help You Sell More) with Debbie Levitt (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • Back To The Future – Past, Present and Beyond: How to Dominate Social Commerce wity John Lawson (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • Digital Photography with Jim “Griff” Griffith (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • Thrifting with the Boys: Thrifting – The Game: Don’t Put Yourself In Jeopardy While Out Thrifting  (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • Straight Talk – Selling through Social Innovations with Marsha Collier (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • Why in the World Did You Buy THAT? with Lynn Dralle (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
  • Mobile Commerce with members of the eBay Mobile team  (eBay Radio Party & Conference 2013, Las Vegas)
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