More great news from ebay

Wow…more great news from ebay! When I was in San Jose last month to celebrate ebay’s 20th anniversary, it was clear things were shifting for the better. And, just today, some more great news from ebay has rolled in! All sellers are getting more more free (aka zero insertion fee) listings, starting October 15. And, we can use those listings in even more categories!

If you are an ebay Stores subscriber you will see the following changes:

  • Basic-level subscribers will get 200 zero insertion fee fixed price listings each month
  • All eBay Stores subscribers will be able to use their monthly allotment of 100 additional zero insertion fee auction-style listings in even more categories including both Collectibles and Fashion

If you do NOT have an eBay Stores subscription you’ll get:

To read more details about this exciting, seller-friendly action, click here.

Most importantly, start using the new, “free” listings! I know I’m going to buckle down and list, list, list! Buyers are coming back to ebay in droves (I just had an amazing weekend of sales) and I want to have my store loaded with my unique vintage and antique finds!

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